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Domestic violence remains a serious challenge in many Ugandan families today. In a 2019 study by the Uganda Law Reform Commission, half of the women surveyed report having experienced violence on a daily or weekly basis, and 35% of working women reported marital violence. This has been increased by the covid 19 pandemic.  While both men and women experience domestic violence, women and girls remain the majority survivors of the crime.

In light of the above, the Project will address access to justice issues that women in violent relationships face, stigma and discrimination that has affected women from leaving violent relationship. Therefore, PSD empowered 8 community activists from the areas of Nabweru, Kyengera, Kakiri town and Mende Sub County who will sensitize the community on the effects of domestic violence to individuals and the community as a whole.

The overall objective of this training was to build capacity of Community activists on violence against women, domestic violence and related rights and freedoms of women.

The specific objectives of the training were; to increase the participants’ knowledge on domestic violence (causes, prevention, effects and response and related topics), empower community activists with the skill of conducting community radio programs, and to develop a work plan on rolling out the activities in the community.

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