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The program objective is to enhance research, advocacy and networking for a just and fair legal and policy environment that promote rights, equity and non-discrimination. The goal is to achieve systemic changes towards the realisation of the rights of women and girls informed by evidence-based advocacy.We are all responsible for advancing women’s human rights, and policy-makers are no exception. With the right laws, policies and programs, and funding that reflects the size of the task, we can transform the barriers that hold women back.

PSD is a key leader in the generation of cutting-edge research on various dimensions of human rights of women and girls in Uganda and beyond. Our ground breaking research areas include: legal analysis of laws, Policies and Bills, baselines on new areas of interest for PSD, impact of laws on specific target groups, underlying determinants of human rights violations of women and girls, and traditional/informal justice systems including alternative dispute mechanisms among others.

Through the program, PSD works to contribute towards enhancing an enabling legal and policy environment where the rights of women and girls upheld and respected. This is done through legal analysis to interrogateBills, laws, policies and regulatory frameworks to inform our advocacy and engagement by women and girls. PSD also uses national, regional and international mechanisms in order to secure greater rights for women, girls and service providers in conflict with laws; people living with HIV and; poor men/women/elderly for land and property rights.

PSD further builds strategic partnerships to enhance the realisation, respect and protection of the rights of women and girls. PSD works with key government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) like the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), Uganda Police Force, JLOS institutions; national networks, alliances and NGOs; District Local Governments; women, girls as well as other key stakeholders.

The organisation also engages in Strategic Interest Litigation at the national and regional levels in order to challenge legal provisions, norms and practices that contravene international human rights principles of equality and non-discrimination.

To achieve the objectives of this program, PSD employs the following strategies;

  • Knowledge Generation.
  • National, regional and international Advocacy Campaigns.
  • National, Regional and International Networking.
  • Convenings.


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