Wakiso Women Peace Group Members Illustrating Various Referral Pathways at a Workshop Training Board of Directors After their 1st Quarterly Meeting at BMK House. WAKISO LOCAL COUNCIL LEADERS During a Training Workshop on the Role of Women Participation in Conflict Resolution Read More

About PSD

Paradigm for Social Justice & Development (PSD) is a Non-Profit Organisation that has been formed by a group women lawyers and social activist committed to advancing social justice and development of the youth and women to be able to take shape of their destiny.

Our Approach


A Participatory Learning Approach has been used to ensure ownership and effective capacity development amongst PSD staff and beneficiaries.

Our Focus

Economic Empowerment for Youth, Women and PWD’s

Our focus

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Our focus

Community Capacity Enhancement Programme

Our focus

Strengthening Women’s Access to Justice

Our focus

Latest News

Youth Dialogue

Inception Meeting with Stakeholders

Facilitator to conduct the training of women council members on conflict resolution, conflict prevention, civic participation, gbv,and community-basedearly warning and response mechanisms.

Consultant to develop a simplified guidebook on conflict prevention and resolution, conflict early warning and response

Latest Projects

Enabling Meaningful Participation and Collective Action of Teenage Girls and Young Women in SRHR Decision-Making Processes.

⁠Action to Advance Women’s Leadership for Peace and Security in Uganda

Strengthening women’s meaningful participation in conflict prevention and decision making processes in Wakiso district.

Empowering communities to reduce stigma towards young adolescents accessing sexual and reproductive health rights information and services in Wakiso district

Enhancing Access to Justice for Women Survivors of Domestic Violence in Wakiso District.

Empowering Women to Promote Peaceful and Gender equal societies in Wakiso District


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