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About the Activity

PSD held two Quarterly meetings with the Women Peace Group members and the Peace Coordinators in August and September 2021. The overall objective of the first meeting was to plan, share experience and progress with the Peace Coordinators and Women peace Group members. As a result of the meetings, participants learned from others experiences and became more familiar with their roles, implementation and reporting tools for each activity. This progress was noticed in the August reports. The second meeting was held in September, to address implementation gaps identified from their August reports, like documenting success stories, developing local solutions and responses to conflicts identified in communities and referring victims to appropriate referral points. As a result, the Peace Coordinators and Women Peace Group members improved on documentation of their success stories and the Women Peace Groups engaged various stakeholders from different levels in developing solutions to the conflicts that they identified in their respective communities.

However, the WPGs still had a challenge when it comes to distinguishing conflicts at the Early Warning and violent stage which they identify, how and when to react to conflicts before they escalate and the Peace Coordinators had not comprehended their roles in Early Warning Response.

The Objective:

The objective of the meeting was to share experience, best practices and challenges faced during implementation, plan for the next implementation period and address gaps identified. Specifically, the meeting had to;

  • Provide an opportunity for cross learning between the Peace Coordinators and Women Peace Group members to learn, re-learn and unlearn; and gain a common understanding of the Project outcome.
  • Address key challenges faced during implementation


It was a half-day’s interactive meeting and comprised of brief presentation, group work and plenary discussion sessions. Emphasis was placed on learning through practical work; thus, less time was allocated for presentations from the facilitators. Participants there after developed a work plan for the next quarter and outlined key priorities for the quarter including strategies on how best to implement and achieve results.

Expected Outcomes/outputs

  1. Participants became more acquainted with their roles and responsibilities in regard to conflict EWR.
  2. Participants learnt from each other’s experiences and best practices to incorporate during implementation of activities like awareness sessions, mediations and radio programs.
  3. Action plans and areas for the Peace Coordinators and Women Peace Groups to improve on the quality of reporting were developed.

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