Quarterly meeting with Women Peace Groups and Peace Coordinators

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Ms. Hadijah giving a presentation to participants

On 17th and 18th August 2021, Paradigm for Social Justice and Development (PSD) held quarterly project review meetings with Peace Coordinators and Women Peace Groups at Kolping Hotel Kampala, and Kakiri Gardens, respectively.

The objective of the meeting was;

“Review of Quarterly Project progress, sharing experiences, best practices and plan for better ways to best implement the Project”.

The Peace Coordinators and Women Peace Group members gave very encouraging feedback.

“We are greatly impressed by the work being done by these “peace ambassadors”. At PSD, we are proud of them and we pledge to continue supporting them as all of us work to achieve a society without violence, injustice and poverty” said Ms. Hadijah, the Project Coordinator.

The Peace Coordinators shared great feedback from their interactions with communities on community radios and during mobile awareness clinics that they conduct with support from PSD. They were also urged to refer cases of violence and conflict to Women Peace Groups (WPGs), LC Chairpersons and Community Development Officers among others.

Peace Coordinators and Women Groups representatives who attended the meeting

The WPGs have equally been active on ground especially when it comes to identifying and analyzing conflicts in the community. We have also empowered them (WPGs) to conduct mediation of conflicts in their community and the feedback is very impressive. Their mediation skills and efforts have helped avert several conflicts or misunderstandings from becoming violent. They also continue to sensitize communities with civic education; targeting organized groups, places of worship, markets, Boda-boda rider stages through mobile awareness clinics.

During the meeting, PSD gave further guidance to the Peace Coordinators (PCs) and WPGs on their respective roles in their respective communities.

“One of our major activities in the next quarter is to empower you to document these success stories, because they are too good to be ignored” said the Executive Director to the PCs and WPGs.

These activities are under our project titled; Empowering women to promote peaceful and gender equal societies in Wakiso District, being implemented with support from the Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund and UN Women.

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